Some Feedback from Performers:-

“Talking and social skills, as well as my acting skills have all been enhanced”

“I enjoyed having the responsibility of learning my lines”

“DramaLink has built up my confidence on stage”

“I had to learn more than one character’s lines, an amazing experience”

“I have learned not to be afraid on stage”

“I learned to be sensible, to be neat, and to be responsible”

“I have gained more self-esteem and also gained in confidence”

“The last show was sold out and it was good to perform to lots of people”

“Working with others, meeting new people and making new friends”

“Performing at a real theatre, and in front of a live audience”

“Working in a team and making friends”

“Yes, it looked good on the UCAS form and it improved my organisational and memory skills”

“DramaLink has improved my confidence in acting”

and from Their Parents:-

“My son grew in confidence through the process, and he had to take responsibility for himself in new ways and coped admirably. He had fun!”

“My child benefitted by starting to learn the trade of acting, their confidence and self-esteem were both improved and they were caught up with the excitement of the theatre”

“They were part of a diverse group. They made friends. Learnt how to perform and gained a sense of belonging”

“Thank you very much for all that you did for (my son). His confidence grew in leaps and bounds. It is definitely an experience he will reflect on in the future”

And audience members:-

“We were thrilled to be able to see your production of The Wind in the Willows, which was most enjoyable. You (our Artistic Director) may not have played Mole yourself but you did something much greater by producing a most enjoyable production and encouraging so many children to step out of their comfort zones and to take on such good value systems”

“Loved the Performance”