Who we are 

“The primary object of DramaLink Theatre Company is to interest, engage and train children and young people in the creation of theatrical productions, culminating in the staging of regular high-quality performances for public audiences.

Complementing the theatrical training and education is the dual object of equipping young people with life-skills, including self-confidence, the pleasures and responsibilities of working within a team, responsibility and respect for self and others, focus, self-discipline, self-motivation and kindness.

DramaLink is aimed at children and young persons usually aged from 8-16 years principally from Birmingham and the West Midlands with an emphasis on drawing from a broad spectrum. This is achieved by the deliberate policy of not charging the children for belonging to DramaLink or for taking part in productions.

Central to the ethos of of DramaLink is the provision of benefit to the wider community, by encouraging young persons from varied backgrounds to work together and help each other in the DramaLink productions.

The intention is that through the medium of theatre, members of DramaLink will become better young citizens, more able to contribute positively to the communities in which they find themselves, now and in the future.”

Liz Piddock,

Founder & Artistic Director, DramaLink Theatre Company